About Company

Serving Trade & Industries Since 1968
Associated Bearing Corporation is an Company with more than 50 years of experience in bearing trade, industrial supplies and market distribution. Our flagship brands are SBZ and SBZ Gold. We offer complete services in research, development, production and distribution for various kind of bearings and other bearing related products. SBZ Ball & Roller bearings are intended for extremely severe applications for heavy industries, agriculture, steel, power, paper, stone crusher and other agriculture industries. Nowdays demand of agricultural industry is constantly increasing for solutions of agricultural equipment, which is continuously operating longer and faster to increase productivity and efficient yield from crop production in changing industry with every season. To serve the needs of the agricultural machinery, SBZ bearings has developed and successfully introduced agricultural bearing range. This range is designed for a long service life while operating in harsh environments of mud, rain, corrosive chemicals, extreme heat and heavy loads, while ensuring sufficient resistance against all that. SBZ bearings understands the needs of modern farmers therefore applies modern technologies in bearing manufacturing process, uses the best materials for greater endurance under heavy-load conditions and after all puts them to the testing SBZ bearings Quality Control Laboratory to guarantee efficient performance when operating in the field with minimal work stops. The performance advantages of SBZ bearings agricultural range have led to its quick adoption by farmers worldwide.