Special bearings

Special rolling bearings have non-standardized dimensions or design, eventually both. They are used for arrangements, where the designer because of various reasons cannot use standardized standard or modified bearings.

These bearings are used as relieving pulleys in various machines, instruments and devices or they are used for arrangements in various branches of industry. Specific group of special angular contact bearings are bearings for clutches that form integrated units to control the clutch. Special rolling bearings can be also used in other arrangements than originally intended for.

All technical specifications and other data necessary for calculation and arrangement of special rolling bearings are specified in the dimension tables.


Design Specifications

The designation of special single row ball bearings corresponds with the designation method of special rolling bearings, e.g.: PLC 03-80, where the symbol “PLC“ is a common symbol for special rolling bearings, numerical character “0“ stands for design group of single row ball bearings and other numerical character (1-12) dimension group according to outer diameter of the bearing. Numeric character behind the dash is the ordinal number in the corresponding dimension group. Non-standardized dimensions apart from the further shown exceptions are designated according to the following scheme:

Designation Scheme of Non-Standardized Bearings